26 January 2012


sleeping on oma

"I is going shopping mommy" 

Téa in the heirloom rainbow bunting bag 

the day our apartment's heating pipes froze, the temperature outside was -19degC  (same day as the above photo of Téa)

the cold, cold day


enjoying Téa's crib

growing up

almost smiling

sweet sleep

mischief personified


25 January 2012

17 January 2012

a taste of 2012... so far

snowman building

these two love the snow 

esme spent most of her time eating it


loving it

laughing at her dad

just chilling

a little sad

big smiles

"that flash is too bright Mom!"

tummy time is not so fun

bulking up (téa is growing fast!)

sisters tub-time

face of mischief

so cute even when she's complaining

pigtails and sleeping téa

first pigtails for esme

biker chick

credit union free tattoo "i love saving" :)

4 January 2012

Christmas Recap

Warning: There are many, many pictures in this post!