28 November 2011


Random.. for while we wait

Yesterday was the official due date, and even though there were promising signs that we might actually meet the baby yesterday, it was a no-show. So we are still waiting. 

While we wait I thought I'd post some random pictures from the last couple weeks. 

Ready to go play in the snow

Loving the white stuff

Snow bunnies

Enjoying Oma's klompen

Dressing up is way too much fun - especially if it's Daddy's hoodie

'I wear my sunglasses at night' (she even put them on by herself, note that they are upside down)

Look at all my teeth

Happy, happy, happy!

40 weeks and 1 day... ready to pop

Overdue and still waiting :)

8 November 2011

End of Autumn Leaves and Harvest

Esme-isms - so I don't forget

Esme's vocabulary is expanding at the speed of light. Every day she comes out with longer sentences and new words. Some of her words are pronounced well enough to be obvious to everyone, others are still a work in progress.

I just wanted to jot down some Esme-isms before I forget them. She is getting so much better at talking so fast that I just know we won't remember how her language started out.

So here are some Esme-isms from these days:

Guppie = Thank You
Gardar  = Candy
Bahloo = Berries (any kind of berries now, but started with Blueberries)
Ahlow = Lie Down
Eeta = Opa
Haha = Gramma and Oma (although she can also say Gamma and Oma, just prefers to call them Haha)
Bayou = Boy
Gee-oo = Girl
Kneee = 'Neigh' (for when she wants to ride on her Dad's back and play horsey)
Gawks = Socks
Ochg (very german sounding) = Off
Meenee Beats = Mini-wheats
Bunkoo = Bracelet
Bankie = Blanket
Pie-yo = Pillow
DeeDee = DVD
Baby Sigh Tie = Baby Signing Time
See-sers = Slippers
Mak = Milk
Pee = Play
Essie = how she refers to herself

1 November 2011

Trick or Treat

Esme's favourite parts of the evening were seeing Oma, Opa, Grandma and Grandpa; playing with their toys; seeing the kids going from house to house and examining her bag of goodies.

She was not too sure about going up to houses and saying trick-or treat.. but did manage about 3 houses. She liked to follow the groups of other kids going from house to house. It was afterwards in the car that she realized she had gotten CANDY in her bag and she was pretty impressed.