20 August 2010

6 Months Old!

Esme you turn six months old tomorrow and have turned into quite the happy little miss.

You are a bundle of energy that never stops moving unless you are fast asleep. This constant motion is making it harder and harder to catch you on film. Every shot needs to be a video. You've started to notice the camera and as soon as we bring it out, you stop what you're doing and start trying to grab for it. We are having to become quite devious to take pictures of you without you being aware.

Electronics are very distracting. Even though we never let you have them, if you happen to catch sight of a remote or a phone you will not stop striving to reach the item until it is put out of sight. You know they do something exciting and magical and can't wait until you can get your hands on them. Likewise the laptop fascinates you. Especially since we have a huge adorable picture of you plastered on the desktop. Every time you see that baby you start to giggle and reach for her.

Last night Grandpa came over to take us to see Daddy's soccer game. I had been using the computer on the floor beside where you were playing with your toys. I moved the computer out of your way and hurried to let Grandpa in hoping you would stay focused on your own toys. 30 seconds later when we came back into the room, you had schooched yourself over the computer and were merrily pushing every button in sight. What a little smarty pants.

You are already showing signs of becoming a 'Daddy's girl'. You sure do love your Dad. The second he walks in the door from work you are ready with an ear-to-ear grin and happy squeals. Something about Daddy just makes you laugh. He can lie down on the floor beside you, shut his eyes and stick out his tongue or even just smile and you will get to laughing so hard you almost fall over. You also love when he covers his face with his hands and then pulls them away yelling 'Peek-a-boo'. This gets big giggles too.

I'm pretty good at tickling you till you laugh and laugh and try to wriggle away. You also love it when I make any sort of whispering words. Like "poohpert" or "what?" said in a loud stage whisper. Those get you laughing out loud. Especially when we are changing your diaper. Something about the change table gets the good times going. Maybe it brings you closer to our faces.

You are getting better and better at crawling around.

You tackle your toys and end up pushing them all over the living room floor. Right now your favourite toys are your baby doll and cell phone from Grandma and Grandpa, your red kangaroo, your pink soccer ball and your teething links. I think you love that baby doll so much cause it is like a baby that you are actually allowed to suck on the face of. You would be happy to do that to any baby but your cousin Gray isn't really a fan of having his face sucked on.

The soccer ball is endless fun and great for learning how to crawl because every time you get it, it moves away. Sofus the giraffe from Auntie Erin, Uncle Kif and Gray is also great, you enjoy munching on its nose and making it squeak.

Sitting is something we are still working on. For one thing, it requires you to stop moving. Not fun. You would rather be standing or crawling or reaching forward to grab that next exciting thing and pulling it into your mouth. You have the strength to support yourself in a sitting position and will do it if you are getting tired enough to slow down a little. But most of the time you just try to get your feet under you and stand up, or you roll over to your tummy and scoot away. Even the bumbo seat can't contain you.

Mirrors are still a huge favourite of yours. You've pulled a few off the wall in your exuberance but so far only one has managed to tap you on the head. That was a sad day. Even though the mirror was instantly caught (as you were being held while looking at yourself in the mirror) and barely touched you, you were so shocked that that baby in the mirror could do such a thing to you.

When we go out with you, the most common things we hear are: "What a cutie!" "Look at those big, blue eyes!" and "I love those rolls, look at all that chub." Your eyes are still blue as the day you were born and it's pretty certain that you got your dad's blue eyes. The rolls are adorable and you look like a Michelin baby just as your Uncle Caleb and Auntie Mimi did before you.

Finally your hair is coming in. From far away it is still hard to see, but up close your head is covered in a fine layer of hair. We can't tell yet if it is going to white blonde like your dad, golden blonde like me or dark brown like the rest of the Oenemas (and the Perret side too). It changes with the light.

You've always been a talker but these days you are expanding your repertoire. You are including new sounds and expressing yourself loudly while playing or when you want to catch our attention. There is definitely no ignoring you (not that we would want to). You know how to make yourself heard and how to demand the attention you feel you need.

You keep your emotions on your sleeve and are very expressive. Your face reflects hundreds of different  little things.

I'm watching you as you play in your exersaucer right now. Every few seconds you look up and talk to me.. or stop and smile at me and say "aaayah".. then go back to the next toy in the circle.. bounce up and down a little.. and then discover how interesting the material on the seat is... then bang your hands on the squeaky toy. Every little part must be put in your mouth, then pulled out to examine, then put back into your mouth.

We love you doodle. It's exciting to see your personality emerge and we can't wait to get to know you better and better.

This is an oldie but still so cute (you were 3 1/2 months here)

13 August 2010

Laughter is the best

This video is not the greatest for cinematography but i was trying to catch Esme laughing without letting the camera distract her. So just enjoy the sound of Esme laughing. It's the best part of this clip and what I wanted to document.

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Look Who's Crawlin' Now

9 August 2010

Just because...

A picture is worth a thousand words.... Enjoy!

Post-swimming cutie

Esme didn't care much for boating.. and as heartbreaking as her cries were, they were also adorable

Once we started going fast.. she enjoyed the ride

Sweetly sleeping on our walk after a long day.

Gray enjoying his free cone on our walk. Chocolate ice cream is messy.

6 August 2010

Oenema Birthday Season Kickoff

The season of Oenema birthdays has officially begun, kicked off by my birthday party on the long weekend.

August features me, Alida and Michelle. September is my Mom, Dennis and Ian, along with both sets of parents' wedding anniversaries. Alain stands alone in October and Caleb wraps up the season in November. 

If I include all my side of the family as well (immediate family only), we have pretty much all the months of the year covered now except March, July and December. (Erin and Michelle any future babies will have to be born within those three months.. so take note.)  

My Dad is January, Esme is February, no-one in March, Gray is April, Kif is May, Erin is June, no-one in July and as noted above the birthday season takes us right up to Christmas.

Good times! (Note the made-from-scratch delicious lemon cupcakes that Alain baked for me! Yum!!)

Alain's cousin, Sander, is here from Holland and claims Esme is the first baby who hasn't cried when  he held them. 

Esme enjoyed the party.

But was all tuckered out by the end.

Summer is still here and I'm finding it hard to believe we are already in August and that stores are selling school supplies already. What? Where does the time go? Just to show that we are enjoying our days and that Esme is cuter than ever, here is a montage of random photos: