9 August 2011

Cow Town (part 1 of 2)

Waiting to depart at Kelowna International Airport

Watching the planes

Just Daddy and Esme boarding the plane to Calgary (the rest of us drove before Alain got off work)

Ready for take off


Watching Treehouse on Westjet

Looking outside

Welcome to Calgary

Going 'nigh nigh' at Ikea

Loving on the dolls (also at Ikea)

The Calgary Oenemas

Uncle Kiki (also a Calgary Oenema now) talking on Esme's phone 

Drawing in Grandma's book at the Indian restaurant in Airdrie

Enjoying the double birthday Indian feast (celebrating me and Mich at the same time)

Happy couple

The salmon at the ProBass shop in Balzac (the Pro-Bass shop is a must-see)

Checking out the ginormous fishing shop

Half the gang at Heritage Park

the other half (minus the photographer & Esme)

Just chilling

Goofing around

Mom with the old locomotives

Esme leading her uncle around

Yet more leading of Kiki

Waiting for the cream to be turned to butter at the Heritage Park show


canadasue said...

What a fun adventure!

Donna said...

That was a fun adventure, for sure!!

Mrs. Siebring said...

Wish I could have been there...especially the IKEA part...didn't know you had posted pictures until now when I am supposed to be working on school stuff and stumbled onto your blog..ha ha!